What is BundleMaker?

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BundleMaker is an open software dependency management platform that allows you to analyze and manage the dependencies of Java™ applications.

Is BundleMaker free software?

Yes. BundleMaker is Open Source Software and distributed under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v 1.0.

Why should I use BundleMaker?

Many – especially older – Java™ applications today are heavily coupled and poorly modularized. To improve the maintainability and the reusability it is worthwhile to modularize an application in several modules with well defined intefaces and dependencies. Today this is an expensive and time-consuming task. That is the point where BundleMaker gets into the game.

What can BundleMaker do for me?

BundleMaker provides a set of parsers and analyzers that allow you to inspect all the dependencies of your application's resources. Based on these information you can remodularize your application by (virtually) grouping resources into modules. Once the restructuring has been completed, you can export the newly modularized system into arbitrary target structures (e.g. OSGi bundles, PDE projects).

Can I extends BundleMaker?

Yes. BundleMaker is a modular platform that allows you to implement your own parsers/viewers/exporters on top of the existing BundleMaker tools.

Is BundleMaker limited to OSGi?

No. Although BundleMaker completely supports the analysis and the creation of OSGi bundles, it is not limited to OSGi. You can analyze and create a wealth of different formats, including plain JAR files, Maven artifacts, JDT projects and so on.